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Project Details

The Union Residential Tower is a High rise project. The cladding material used in the facade were big ceramic panels.

  • Location
    West Bay, Doha, Qatar.
  • Status
  • Main contractor
    Urbacon Trading & Contracting.
  • Consultant
    M.Z. Partners.


Union Residential Tower is a high rise project. Consists of 2 basement levels, a ground floor and 33 floors. The cladding of the building using ceramic panels. Size 3.6 m width and 1.2 m height. Thicknesses of the ceramic panels are 5 mm only.


Structural bonding of ceramic panels used rain screen cladding.


For this project, we used NABK-AL-FS02 system. SikaTack® Panel Bonding System is an integral part of this system. The design of this project intends to redefine skyscrapers. As a connecting agent, between architecture and the city. In this project, NABK CO provide the supply and installation of marble services. We are committed to client satisfaction. Also focus on building strategic partnerships and collaborative solutions.

The collaboration of NABK CO and Sika resulted in :

– Aesthetically pleasing rain screen cladding. Without any visible screws, rivets or clips.
– Uniform tension over the whole panel. Without any stress peaks and deflection.
– Easy and fast installation.

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