Frequently asked questions


Faq: Lets first talk about our company ….NABK for trading and construction provides various services, as an example: Firstly, it is mast climbers supplier. Secondly, supplying marble & stone. Thirdly, Supply cut to size marble and stones, for both, big projects and also, small ones. Fourthly, Supply and apply all kinds of mechanical fixation system. NABK Co has accomplished many unique projects, such as URT Facade, BANANA Island, Palms Mall Facade, and many other big and small projects.

There are many advantages, such as:

Firstly, MC can save time during work compared to their alternatives.
Secondly, they are rapid in erection and dismantling, however, no need to use crane.
Thirdly, they are convenient during the work, and don’t have tubes obstructions compared to scaffolding.
Fourthly, they have extension platform.
Fifthly, the users can adapt their length.
Sixly, they save in time, comparing to their alternatives.
Finally, and most importantly, they are more safe compared to their alternative.

This unique system has developed by NABK . So, its experts will guarantee the best results, however, you can find bellow external links for some projects, as instants, those protects were done by this system:

  • URT Union Residential Tower
  • Blue Polygon Commercial Complex
  • Palms Mall
Yes we can use wide range of material such as, natural stones, granite, marbles, limestone, ceramic.
Yes, It has ready stock in its factory in new industrial area. 
Yes, also, NABK supplies third party certificates.
NABK Mechanical Fixation System is better in cost and faster, not only in supply, but also in fix.
Yes, it sales also, however it concentrate on renting.
NABK rent Mast Climbers with full support, which start from the date of delivery until the date of dismantling, with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week cervices.