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Internal Stone Works

NABK Co. Supplies a high design finished stone products, Because its passion for stone matters. It has a keen team, and accomplished many internal stone projects works in Qatar.
It has a wide network of suppliers locally and international, It is able to offer vast choices and variety of colors and surface finishes in many formats for every kind of interior or external project.
NABK Co. provides a full service starting from details and layouts until site installation.

Internal Projects

Internal Works

NABK Co. supplies also granite and marble works, with all fabrication in its factory. It uses the latest cutting machinery to ensure accuracy.
It recommends the suitable solutions, because it has a vast experience on this scope.

NABK can do stone works by its keen labor and accurate machinery, especially after its long experience which has achieved during its work in its previous projects, such as:

  •  Union residential towers
  •  double tree by Helton
  •  Panorama resident Hotel by Helton
  •  Sheraton Gates

 and works in some villas.

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There are different Types of Natural Stone Finishes which are used in internal stone Works, such as:

  • Firstly, Polished Finish
  • Secondly, Flamed Finish
  • Thirdly, Brushed Finish
  • Fourthly, Bush-hammered Finish
  • Fifthly, Grooved Finish
  • Sixthly, Laputoro Finish
  • Seventhly, Shotblasted Finish
  • Eighthly, Sandblasted Finish


Each one has a special shape and touch, that will give the designer unlimited choices to create a beautiful design, Then the accurate company such as NABK executes the work according to their imagine. 

Internal Works

You can find in by clicking on this link one of our projects in QATAR (BANANA ISLAND)