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Mast Cimber

NABK Co. leader in Mast climbing Work Platforms. It is more faster and  efficient alternative than traditional scaffolding.

Mast Climber is the perfect solution for work on facades, window installation, bricklaying, plastering, painting, chimney work, balcony work and special projects.

We’re the solution for the country’s most demanding construction, renovation and maintenance projects.

From low-level flat refurbishments to complex high-rises developments. We use our technology and experience to save you time and money.


Our team have worked on numerous projects. We are able to give technical guidance and solutions to clients. From design/layout stage to assembly and maintenance, we assure to provide quality service with safety.

The height at which mast climbers are used varies according to their specific application and type of system. The equipment can be customized to suit specific  project. Mast climbers also have a very large load capacity. Allowing vertical transfer of large loads and workers together on a single platform.

Advantages of Mast Climbing Work Platform

1) Rapid erection and dismantling.

2) Can work up to heights more than 150m.

3) Convenient working without obstructions from scaffold tubes or fittings.

4) Time and cost savings up to 40%.

5) Platform covers can be added for extra comfort.

6) The length and width of the platforms can be adapted to different situations.