Arab Center Qatar




LocationLusail City, Doha Qatar
Main ContractorCombined Group Co.
ScopeFixation of external façade cladding


The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is an independent research institution, dedicated to furthering scholarship in the social sciences and humanities, established in 2010 as an Arabic language academic organization based in Doha.

The Arab Center is a complex project composed of 20 buildings.

The Centre’s architecture that is inspired by Arabic Islamic culture, will foster intensive personal study while offering the ability to interact with members of public and leading researchers.

The campus is organized and integrated just like a mixed-use community within a diverse urban Centre. The architectural planning and design teams identified discreet zones and land uses on the site, helping to define spaces for study, socializing, administration, and cultural enrichment.

However, we also incorporated quiet, landscaped areas that promote contemplation. This was achieved by applying interior design concepts rich in material detail, referencing historical Arab geometric patterns and calligraphy that recall the architectural typologies typical to certain city spaces.

Scope of work:

NABK Co. fixed for 10,000 sqm.  stone façade by mechanical fixation system at Administration, Guest House, Library, Cultural Facility and Auditorium Buildings.