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The Benefits of Mast Climber

The benefits of mast climbers go beyond their various applications to construction. The mast climber works to benefit those working on it as well as the people leading the construction project. Its many benefits are what make it more favorable than other scaffolding. The efficient and cost-effective process is what leads its benefits. 

Mast climber VS. other Scaffolding

In comparison with other types of scaffolding, mast climbers require less material to assemble which speeds up the erection process. In addition, mast climbers are able to reach precise spots during construction that other scaffolds are not able to. Consequently, this leads to a more productive output as workers are able to reach various spots and work comfortably. The benefits of mast climbers make it more appealing for businesses to start employing them.

Benefits of using a Mast Climber:

1. Profitable 

Mast climbers save a lot of construction time and cost for businesses since the duration of the assembly and disassembly of the mast climber is short. Furthermore, the mobility of mast climbers also benefits businesses as it takes less time to move from one area to another. Consequently, this saves time and money and the extra time gained can be applied elsewhere. This helps maximize profits for a business.

2. Safe

The safety of mast climbers is an attractive component to look at. Most of the accidents that occur are due to the poor or lack of training and not because of the mast climber. Mast climbers are spacious enough for workers to move around in which makes it a safer place to work in and avoids workers from having to worry about discomfort or accidents. The mast climber’s ability to level at specific spots during construction prevents workers from having to bend their backs to complete their tasks. This makes it ideal for the physical health of construction workers.

3. Efficient

The Pro Series mast climber is able to go up to a height of 35-feet and hold up to 20,000 pounds. Mast climbers have a wide deck that not only allows workers to load more material on it but also makes for a safer place for the workers. Its capability to hold an immense amount of weight and material makes it a more efficient process as workers do not have to take several trips to transport their material. Also, its capacity to hold more workers speeds up the construction process as more people are working on the site.

4. Productive

Mast climbers cut labor time by 30% which is more than other scaffolds as there is no need to move any planks. Furthermore, the structure allows for a more productive output as less time is being spent adjusting the scaffold. According to a time-and-cost study done by Fraco, up to 162 hours were saved by using a mast climber. While on the other hand, a traditional scaffold would take up to 450 worker hours. This shows the effectiveness of using mast climbers to improve productivity in a construction project.

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