Palms Mall 

Location Muaither, Doha Qatar
Status On going
Main Contractor Convert Engineering & Trading
Consultant United Consultants
Scope Supply of Fixation System & Fixation works of Ceramic Cladding.


Palms Mall  is a commercial mall located in Doha, Qatar. A modern identity was created, manifesting the elegance, Arabic orientalism, contemporary mood by using the black, gold colors and traditional Arabic symbol of the palm.

Scope of work :

This three-level commercial project consist of 15,600 sqm façade cladding.

Wherein, NABK Co.’s major scope of work shall be the supply of the mechanical fixation system and install for ceramic cladding.

Also, NABK Co. used the System-FS01 giving invisible type of ventilated façade with no visible screws or clips.

The application includes structural design, calculation, Sika study, cladding layout, shop drawings, fixation works and ceramic cutting & fixation.

NABK for trading and construction provides various services, as an example: Firstly, it is mast climbers supplier. Secondly, supplying marble & stone. Thirdly, Supply cut to size marble and stones, for both, big projects and also, small ones. Fourthly, Supply and apply all kinds of mechanical fixation system. NABK Co has accomplished many unique projects, such as URT Facade, BANANA Island, Palms Mall Facade, and many other big and small projects.

NABK for trading and construction supplies and applies all kinds of mechanical fixation systems, such as, Z L C brackets, SS channels, and Aluminum channels also. That Systems are used to fix a lot of materials

  • Firstly, marble.
  • Secondly, granite.
  • Thirdly, natural stones.
  • Fourthly, engineered stone & big format Ceramic panels.

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