Lusail Tower Marina Com 18
Scope of Work :Supply of ceramic cladding
Location :Lusail City, Qatar
Main Contractor :UCC
Date :Oct. 2017—Present

Lusail Tower Marina Com 18 Situated at the edge of  lusail marina district, the e18hteen is a stunning futuristic high-rise building awarded as the “Best Commercial High-rise development in Qatar” by the Arabian property awards development.
Spectra arts scope of work comprises the execution of glass door and window, fixed panel, and folding partition.

NABK for trading and construction provides various services, as an example: Firstly, it is mast climbers supplier. Secondly, supplying marble & stone. Thirdly, Supply cut to size marble and stones, for both, big projects and also, small ones. Fourthly, Supply and apply all kinds of mechanical fixation system. NABK Co has accomplished many unique projects, such as URT Facade, BANANA Island, Palms Mall Facade, and many other big and small projects.

NABK for trading and construction supplies and applies all kinds of mechanical fixation systems, such as, Z L C brackets, SS channels, and Aluminum channels also. That Systems are used to fix a lot of materials

  • Firstly, marble.
  • Secondly, granite.
  • Thirdly, natural stones.
  • Fourthly, engineered stone & big format Ceramic panels.

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