Rental Mast Climbers

Rental Mast Climbers Is One Of NABK-Co Services

NABK has Started to rent mast climbers since 2012, it is renting mast climbers for many complicated  projects, such as:

Firstly,  wordolf of historia tower in Qatar, that is 200 M height.

Secondly, some high rise buildings  in Lusil area.

Thirdly, 52 rice silos in Hamad port.

Fourthly, lusail commercial boulevard .

Beside many other projects since 2012 until now.

Proper platform positioning reduces, as a result, material handling and improves productivity. Since guardrail systems are built-in, fall protection travels with the platforms. Their small base footprint makes mast climbers very useful on projects with limited space.

Mast climbers are easily customized , because their flexibility gives many trades multiple options for performing work efficiently, in safe work conditions.

The properties OF MAST CLIMBER :

Firstly, Rigid mast sections provide great stability.
Second, Push button operation.
Thirdly, Self-contained power supply.
Fourthly, Heavier load capacity.
Fifthly, Faster travel speed.
Fourthly, Reduced fall risk and protection gear.
sixthly, More ergonomic work positions.
Seventhly, Stackable components for transport.
Eighthly, Move materials independently of cranes and booms.
Ninthly, Auxiliary power for emergencies.
Finely, Potentially less ground or environmental disruption.

NABK rents mast climbers, not only for its projects, but also, for rental propose.