NABK Mechanical Fixation System Is An Excellent Choice For Ceramic Panels

Basic info for NABK system

NABK mechanical fixation System has  two types:

Firstly, FS-01 fixes ceramic  directly on its Aluminum profiles by SIKA Structural Silicon.
Secondly, FS-02 fixes Aluminum profiles behind ceramic, by SIKA structural silicon,  then hang the full system on the wall.
All their high quality components are coming from reliable manufacturers. NABK expert team has developed the System in collaboration with SIKA Qatar. The two types are ventilated, also they are competitive in cost and quality. This system is suitable for   different facade projects. The system is well known in Qatar now, and it is certified and register in Qatar Ministry of Commerce.
NABK Co is a key player in stone and ceramic facade cladding in Qatar, especially,  if we take in consideration the verity of its projects  which is respecting the notion of quality and safety, also that NABK is the first and solo company in meddle east which has its won system.

The components of NABK Mechanical fixation system

NABK System composes of several elements such as, (angles, expansion bolts, screws, nuts, washers, etc.). Each of then presents the appropriate mechanical features and also, carries two primary types of load:

Firstly, Permanent load that carry the weight of the cladding itself.

Secondly, Variable load that comes from wind, thermal expansions, seismic motions, etc.

Of course, NABK supplies all needed structural calculations, and that will be after co-operation with respectable third party such as MZP 

The first project by NABK System

The system has started in union residential tower, in 2014 with Co-operation with SIKA. NABK has fixed 17000 M2 which covers all the outside facade project, which gives the building an elegant shape,  as a result to use huge ceramic panel size.