Facade Stone With Mechanical System Is A Great Choice

Facade Stones with mechanical fixation system

Facade Stones with mechanical fixation system gives a good-looking for your projects. Stone cladding is a popular choice for many luxury building such as, palaces, VIP villas, and high rise buildings, However, stone cladding is not suitable only for traditional buildings, but also, a great choice for a modern ones. In this method, fixed or embedded anchors, metal framing, steel brackets, or ties attach the stone to the surface. The method is suitable only on thicker and stronger stone cladding, as the process requires drilling of a hole into the stone.

Facade Stones with mechanical fixation system is defined as one of the best and safest methods for the installation of all kinds of masonry. Unlike the traditional wet cladding installation, the dry cladding systems maintains a high level of accuracy when installing the stones and it is adjustable easily to ensure perfect appearance of the building and at the same time, preserves the color of the stone by avoiding direct contact with the substrate. Dry Stone Mechanical Cladding System components vary depending on several factors such as: Firstly, Stone Weight. Secondly, Cavity Size. Thirdly, Building Architectural design. Fourthly, Concrete Slabs.

What are the Benefits of Using facade stone with mechanical fixation system.

There are three main benefits for Facade Stones with mechanical fixation system. they come in the comparison to the alternative — building without Stone cladding: Firstly, The facade stone is more elegant compared to its competitive.
Secondly, the stone is more durable than any other alternatives, such as cement, aluminum, wood. Thirdly, It gives a very good heat and sound isolation.