Decorative And Molding Stones Improve The Shape Of The Building

Decorative and molding Stones are essential part of any elegant building.
NABK Co. makes an accurate technical documentation and drawing for natural stone, and execute the work by its keen workers.
There are many types of Decorative and molding Stones, such as: First, ArchitravesSecond, Window framingThird, Sill, headers and jambsFourth, CornicesFifth, Corbels and keystones.Sixth, Columns, capital, and base.Seven, Balustrades with top and bottom rails.Eighth, Other stone moldings for facade.Ninth, Decorative stone & moldings come in variety style. It is a cost effective way of adding a traditional touch to your projects.
We used accentuate and further refine design. Whether our clients are looking for elaborate ornamentation or sleek styling. there is a great way to add a unique element to any architectural project.
With offerings variety of colors and finishes, NABK CO customizes the needs of our client for a project.
From simple functional styles to enhancing designs, NABK CO offers a wide range of decorative stone moldings to add a high quality finishing touch to your project.

NABK has a CNC and Water jets machines in its factory, and those machines can help its keen workers to make an accurate decorative and molding stone.

Click here to see some examples to this kind of art work.