NABK Co was considered as a key player in facade cladding works in Qatar. We also provide supply and fixation by wide range of mechanical system. Respecting the notion of quality and safety. We include calculation, production of several types of mechanical fixing and accessories.

We always use an integrated design approach. Creating an economically solution that ensures the desired image, durability, comfort and safety. As well as future maintenance, repair and renewal.


Principles of fixation system :

The fixing systems for building cladding are composed of several elements (angles, expansion bolts, screws, nuts, washers, etc). Each of which shall present the appropriate mechanical features. In respect to the requirements posed by the specific project. Any type of cladding, once fixed, is subject to two primary types of load:

– Permanent load due to the weight of the cladding itself.

– Variable load due to the wind, thermal expansions, seismic motions, etc.

Two fundamental types of fixing systems result:

– Load-bearing fixing : to support the permanent load and the vertical components of the variable loads.

– Restraining fixing: to support the horizontal components of the loads. Restraining fixings instead, serve to maintain the slabs in specified positions on project. Thanks to the systems of adjustment with which they are equipped, the absence of perfect verticality in the external surfaces may be easily overcome.

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