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What is Scaffolding?

Mast climbing scaffolding and other scaffolding, is a popular technique that aids construction projects. The technique allows workers to reach certain heights on their construction projects. Scaffolding supports workers by providing them with the assistance they need such as providing them with a safe stage for performing their work and a place to put and transport their materials.

Why is Scaffolding important for your construction project?

Scaffolding, is an important method used in construction for years that provides significant assistance to workers and the maintenance of their construction projects. Mast climbing and other types of scaffolding have a series of importance. Not only does scaffolding reduce the number of safety accidents during construction but it also provides easy access for workers to areas that might be difficult to reach during construction. Consequently, it allows access to material that is being transported to them in a safe and efficient manner. The positioning and structure of the scaffold provides stability for workers, therefore, allowing them to work more efficiently as there are less barriers in the way of their work. The structure can also be positioned and tailored to certain heights depending on the need.

Types of Scaffolding:

Various types of scaffolding cater to different construction needs including mast climbing. The types of scaffolding include:

  • Wooden & Bamboo Scaffolding: This type of scaffolding is most popular in Asia and especially bamboo for its strength, flexibility and for its low impact on the environment. 
  • Tube & Clamp Scaffolding: This type of steel scaffolding is made up of two parts. One is the tubes and the other is the clips. Together they can be easily assembled and disassembled.
  • Systems Scaffolding: Works with vertical and horizontal pre-engineered parts that connect together. This type of scaffolding is the most common type of scaffolding worldwide. This type of scaffolding includes various types beneath it including Cuplock Systems Scaffolding.
  • Cuplock Systems Scaffolding: This type of scaffolding is perfect for heavy duty projects as it is usually made from galvanized steel which gives it strength.
  • Kwikstage Scaffolding: The Kwikstage has only 5 components which makes it easier to assemble and dissemble. The Kwikstage’s safety components such as the non-slip platforms and double guard rails, make it more attractive.
  • Haki Scaffolding: The Haki is a more modern type of scaffolding. It is known for its lightweight, quality and adaptability. It also has less components than other scaffolds.
  • Staircase Towers: These are vital for construction workers to navigate safely during their work. They can also be used as a staircase on its own.
  • Frame & Brace Scaffolding: Less durable than system scaffolding, however, it is very light and can be assembled quickly. It commonly consists of frames, braces, planks, and bases.
  • Shoring: Built temporarily to support a structure that is being built. Shoring helps to ensure the transport of materials, construction of the structure and support for workers.
  • Suspended or Swing Set Scaffolding: This type of scaffolding is different from others in terms that it is off-ground. It moves up and down by being suspended to a cable system.
  • Mast Climbing Scaffolding: This type of scaffolding has various advantages as it can assist in a number of things. Unlike suspended or swing set scaffolding, mast climbing scaffolding are placed on the ground . This provides more control and safety. Mast climbing scaffolding is especially useful for projects that require heavy loads. These types of scaffolds can also reach a broad range of heights that include reaching several stories. Consequently, they are able to do so with only slight changes to the structure. Furthermore, mast climbing is especially recommended for small areas like Doha where there may not be enough area to construct. This is because the scaffold does not require a lot of area for its base.

Why Mast Climbing Scaffolding is a Safe Option:

The stable structure of mast climbers allow them to be a safe option for construction workers to work on. This is due to the reduced fall risk and protection gear that the structure is able to have as it has a sturdy and stable structure. This also makes the mast climbing scaffold more comfortable to work on as the working positions for workers are safe and secure. The flexibility in alteration that mast climbers have is ideal when needing to change the height to cater to the worker and avoid injuries.

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