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Mast climbers do cost more than traditional scaffolding by a factor as high as three times, though there are measurable advantages in terms of worker productivity, speed and weight capacity.

Advantages of Mast Climbing Work Platform
1) Rapid erection and dismantling
2) Can work up to heights more than 150m
3) Convenient working without obstructions from scaffold tubes or fittings
4) Time and cost savings up to 40%
5) Platform covers can be added for extra comfort
6) The length and width of the platforms can be adapted to different situations.

According to NABK CO, a wide range of material such as natural stones, granite, marbles, limestone, ceramic and porcelain can be used to manufacture rain screen cladding systems.

This unique system was developed by NABK CO. Our global team of experts will guarantee you the best possible fixation.

Limestone is sedimentary rock consisting mostly of organic material. It is formed by material that settles to the bottom of bodies of water and over millions of years, solidifies into solid rock.