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 What is External Facade Cladding?

External facade cladding works to construct an exterior to the front surface of a building structure. It is able to do this without affecting the stability of the building. It is considered a non-structural part of the building that makes the structure resilient to changing weather conditions and more. This non-bearing layer that the cladding provides works to also create a decorative component to the exterior structure. Cladding systems can also place various components such as windows, doors, gutters, roof lights, vents, and more.

The Importance of External Facade Cladding:

1) Weather

This cladding can protect the building against heat, sunlight, wind, pollution, and other weather conditions. Wind is important to be protected against since it can cause fire to spread, however, this can be prevented by creating an airtight space. Consequently, its resistance to changing weather conditions makes it more sustainable as less maintenance will be required for the building exterior.

2) Value

The cladding is also able to limit the transmission of sound and provide privacy and security. The exterior design that cladding can provide presents an elegant and clean exterior that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This all increases the value of the building and makes it more attractive for investment.

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3) Thermal Insulation

Another advantage of the cladding is that it works to maintain the internal heat in the building by providing thermal insulation to the exterior facade. Insulation for a building can occur through the use of insulation products and systems. This includes conduction, radiation, and convection. Moreover, this helps to maintain the overall temperature of the building. Also, it makes it resistant to the temperature changes outside.

Additional Benefits:
  • Helps maintain a controlled internal environment.
  • Provides sunlight and ventilation for the building.
  • Barrier from the urban environment surrounding the building.

 Why you should choose Nabk CO for this service:

Nabk Co is a trading and construction company in Qatar that provides a variety of construction services. One of the services includes external facade cladding. The company is highly experienced in external facade cladding and is ready to provide guidance and recommendations. Furthermore, Nabk Co uses a wide range of cladding materials which include, granite, marbles, limestone, ceramic, and porcelain. The Nabk Co team is made up of engineers, architects, and consultants. Consequently, they are all guaranteed to deliver high-quality work to all their clients. Nabk Co will deliver the project while also ensuring low energy and maintenance costs for building owners. To learn more about external facade cladding and how to book this service by Nabk Co, click here.