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 What are Mast Climbers?

Mast climbers are an essential part of most construction sites in Qatar. The country’s increase in construction projects, especially in preparation for the 2022 world cup, has increased the demand for construction. This makes scaffolding structures like mast climbers a vital part of completing those projects.

Mast climbers are platforms that are either attached or free-standing from a building. They transport materials and workers to their area of construction. This allows for a more efficient and safe construction process. Furthermore, they are distinctly different from other scaffolding as their structure can move up and down to allow workers to reach various heights on their construction projects. Consequently, this makes mast climbing adaptable as it can be adjusted to various needs during construction especially because it is not enclosed like a construction elevator. Along with this, they can work at lower heights and even be mobile when needing to relocate to other sites.

Positive Statistics on Mast Climbers:

41 Mansory contractors participated in a survey that conveyed their opinion on mast climbers. The survey showed that:

  • Around 70% of them expressed an increase in productivity with using mast climbers.
  • Over 60% mentioned that mast climbers save time during construction and improve safety- more than other scaffolding.

Why you should choose Nabk-Co for your Mast Climbing services:

Nabk-Co is the leading mast climbing company in Qatar. They offer outstanding services in mast climbing which include offering guidance in design and maintenance for their clients. Nabk-Co has done several mast climbing services in various works. Moreover, mast climbers can be applied to work in facades, window installation, bricklaying, plastering, chimney work, balcony work and more. The company has been able to satisfy the high demand for construction work in Qatar. This makes them a reliable construction company in the country. Nabk-Co ensures the safety of the construction workers by providing a safe stage on their mast climber. Nabk-Co will also work to provide you with the precise mast climber structure for your project depending on the needs. 

The mast climbing structures that Nabk-Co provides will:

  • Have fast assembly and disassembly.
  • Be able to reach over 150 meters.
  • Avoid obstructions from scaffold tubes or fittings.
  • Save up to 40% of cost and time.
  • Provide comfort.
  • Be adaptable to different situations.

The Different Applications of Mast Climbing:

  1. Brickworks

In this project, the mast climbers aided the bricklaying work by allowing workers to reach precise positions. This reduces the number of times workers have to bend down and be uncomfortable with their position.

  1. Facades and Window Installation

The Clarion hotel located in Finland’s capital, Helsinki used mast climbing structures during its construction. Mast climbers for window installations and facades were both used. They allowed for the smooth transportation of materials and labor during construction. Facades include painting, plastering, coating, mounting, bricking, and more.

To learn more about the mast climbing services that Nabk-Co offers and to rent a mast climber platform, click here.